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    We Can Do This Together

    Patrick Conway, MSW, LSW

    I work alongside my clients to empower them from where they are to take control of their lives. As a therapist and a veteran, I work to meet my clients’ needs by empowering them to be the voice of their own change. We will work together to identify realistic goals in an environment free of guilt, fear, or shame.”

    Kaitlyn Pozorski, MSW, LCSW

    I strive to provide an open, safe, authentic, and LGBTQ+ affirming space for individuals to process life challenges, experiences, stressors, etc. I have experience working with individuals impacted by cancer, chronic/ life-limiting illnesses, anticipatory grief, grief/loss, relationship concerns, substance abuse, fertility concerns, anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-image/self-identity concerns, trauma, and more.

    Julie DeJesus, LMHCA

    I am a trauma therapist committed to helping individuals navigate through the most difficult and challenging times of their lives. I am passionate about helping people learn to change old thinking patterns and belief systems so they may gain confidence to build solid and lasting relationships with themselves and others. Allow me to help you, help yourself!

    Noel Ochoa, LMHC

    Life can be overwhelming and sometimes we need someone to come alongside us as we walk through life’s challenges. I feel my primary function is working with clients to assist them in finding inner peace and to help them work through troubling situations. If you are dealing with life struggles please allow me come alongside you so that we may work together to find a better way to manage life’s challenges.

    “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
    -Jim Rohn

    Do you look in the mirror and not like the person you see looking back at you? Do you struggle with depression and anxiety? Do you often experience feelings of despair, sadness, hopelessness, low motivation, and little self-worth?

    We specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, trauma, grief, as well as others. We utilize various treatment methods to empower our clients to improve their lives and start living instead of just existing.

    If you are struggling with your mental health, let us help.